October 5-7, 2018
international blockchain hackathon
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What is Imaguru blockchainthon?
Blockchainthon is a platform where diverse professionals
developers, designers, business and marketing gurus' gather together and let creative ideas become products leveraging blockchain technologies. Hackathons at Imaguru usually last for 48 hours non-stop. All starts at Friday evening.

Imaguru Blockchainthons are international and organized in one time in several cities of the world.

Imaguru Blockchainthon is all about coding and programming blockchain. We attract experienced developers and coders to the hackathons from a pipeline of Imaguru Blockchain Coding School graduates.

We invite blockchain experts and crypto enthusiasts, blockchain-powered startups, developers, designers, marketing people and corporate people to form a team and participate in a 48hour marathon of coding. If you have an intention to see only pitches at the hackathon and/or participate in our master-classes, it's ok you are welcome to participate with a fee.

Those participants who have concrete ideas in mind - the floor is yours! After pitching the ideas goes division into working teams. Fruitful working process lasts until Sunday morning, when participants with the help of coaches and mentors get ready to present their projects at the Closing Ceremony on Sunday
The process
Here is how it works
Find an idea (optional)
Get in the pitch queue
Grab the mike
Present in 30 seconds
Attend the workshops if you need
Use the mentors
Don't burn out

Talk to the pitchers you like
Join your favorite and gather a team
Grab a table
Get to work!
October 5, FRI
17:00 - 18:00
18:00 - 18:30
Opening Ceremony
18:30 - 19:00
Pitching in Madrid
and Minsk
19:00 - 20:00
Teams Creation
20:00 - ...
Hacking Blockchain
October 7, SUN
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 -
Mentoring Session
12:30 - 14:00
Hacking Blockchain
15:00 - 18:00
Final Preparation
18:30- 19:30
Final Pitches
Award Ceremony. Party
October 6, SAT
10:00 - 10:30
10:30 -
Mentoring Session
12:30 - 14:00
16:30 -
Mentoring Session
20:30 - ...
Hacking Blockchain
11:00 -
18:00 - 19:30
Hacking Blockchain
Hacking Blockchain
14:00 - 15:00
16:00 -
11:00 -
14:00 - 15:00
Benefits for Participants
Call to action
Hackathons accelerate the process and make all things go super fast — just several days!
Miracles Happen
Nobody knows what will appear on the hackathon. For example, MSQRD was created on one of the hackathonos in Imaguru.
Common work on a same problem gathers together and forms a community of real professionals.
New Ideas
There is nothing better than new fresh ideas from fresh young minds! Any Imaguru hackathon is a generator of innovative ideas which drive the world!
Search for Talents
Hackathons is the best place for attraction of talented motivated professionls - this is your chance to choose the best of them
Development of
Is what helps corporations to stand out from others and compete successfully!
Benefits for Corporations
If you have an intention to see only pitches at the hackathon and/or participate in our master-classes, it's ok, you are welcome to participate with a fee.
Tania Marinich
Founder of Imaguru
Gustavo Segovia
Senior Partner @ Innovation Lead
Borja Gonzalez del Regueral
Vice dean @ IE School of Human Sciences and Technology
Enrique Sánchez Sumozas
Entrepreneur & Innovation Business Development at Digital Emerging Technologies, Minsait
Salvador Casquero Algarra
Co-Founder of 2gether.global, "The first collaborative bank "
Cristian Garcia Fernandez
Blockchain & Innovation Specialist at Nakima
Adrián Bernabéu Escudero
Blockchain Specialist, Strategy and Development at Nakima
Ferran Prat Tiò
Co-Founder in Cryptoinvest
Pablo Romero Alfonso
Client Solutions Strategy at BBVA
Alfonso de la Rocha
AI | Blockchain Technological Expert at Telefonica R&D
Our partners
Media partners
Partners (Belarus)
References about our Blockchainthon (ES)
Enrique Sánchez Sumozas, Entrepreneur & Innovation Business Development at Digital Emerging Technologies, Minsait:

Buen trabajo de Imaguru Startup HUB en el Blockchainthon celebrado del 5 al 7 de Octubre en Madrid, fomentando el ecosistema aún tan emergente del Blockchain. Tremendo el know-how de mis compañeros mentores. ¡Un placer haber compartido los momentos de mentoría y las posteriores conversaciones tan disruptivas acerca de los usos o evolución de Blockchain! Enhorabuena a los campeones con un piloto de trazabilidad del producto de denominación de origen y buenísimo trabajo del resto 30 participantes.

Desde Minsait, y más concretamente Digital Emerging Technologies, desde nuestro departamento de Blockchain, apoyamos estas y otras iniciativas emprendedoras, y os animamos a seguir trabajando sobre ellas.

Pablo Romero Alfonso, Client Solutions Strategy at BBVA:

Ha sido un placer poder ayudar a los equipos como mentor y formar parte del jurado. Me llevo un fantástico fin de semana, lleno de ideas, ambiente emprendedor y buena compañía. Deseo lo mejor para todos los equipos, un abrazo a los demás mentores y enhorabuena a los ganadores. Gracias en especial Tania Marinich y Anastasiya Markvarde por contar conmigo y ¡gracias Imaguru Startup Hub por el Blockchain Hackathon Madrid/Minsk de este fin de semana! ¡Qué sean muchos más!

Cristian Garcia Fernandez, Blockchain & Innovation Specialist at Nakima

Los días de 5-7 de octubre concluyó un fin de semana de mucho trabajo, inspiración, motivación y tecnología! Un honor haber participado como mentor junto a cracks como mis compañeros de mentoría y organizadores de Imaguru! Muy pronto anunciaremos noticias sobre nuevos Blockchaintons!

Salvador Casquero Algarra, Co-Founder of 2gether.global

Muchísimas gracias por contar conmigo e invitarme como mentor... y enhorabuena a todos de Imaguru por tan magnífico evento y enhorabuena a todos los participantes por la calidad de los proyectos. Nos volveremos a ver pronto.

Mercedes Jul del equipo BlockEnergy (segundo premio), Principal Consultant Energy Economics at ABB:

Nosotros desarrollamos el proyecto en blockchain para que las comunidades pudieran crear su mercado de energía electrica. El trabajo que hicimos durante el hackathon superó nuestras expectativas porque elaboramos nuestro MVP y mejoramos algunas funciones. ¡Muchas gracias a todos! Fue un placer participar y estamos deseando saber más sobre futuros eventos.

Santiago Chamat del equipo DoggieWalkie, abogado en Chamat Abogados:

Tenía mucha suerte de haber podido trabajar con desarrolladores de Imaguru que me auydaron a formalizar mi idea y materializar el concepto. Tengo intención de hacer otros pasos adelante y seguir con mi proyecto de la red blockchain para la gente que tiene que pasear perros.

Adalberto Adabe del equipo CellTeam (segundo premio), Executive Director at Anastasis Consultoria:

Creamos una applicación que usa smart contracts en Ethereum para gestionar millas de vuelos y billetes de aviones. La parte tecnológica fue un reto para nosotros pero gracias a la auyda del equipo tecnológico de Imaguru y nuestros mentores aprendimos mucho y desarrollamos el prototipo que funciona. ¡Y claro, lo pasamos genial! Tenemos nuestro codigo en GitHub, tenemos el sitio web y vamos a seguir con el proyecto.
Imaguru Hackathons
Imaguru Hackathons proved to be very successful by giving birth to a number of global products including MSQRD acquired by Facebook in 2015. Our community has grown to 5000+ top notch developers, designers and founders. Having organized 50+ hackathons in 5 years, we know how to take most out of 48 hours of hacking, and make this time most efficient for both participants and partners. Imaguru Hackathon is the best place to meet top talent and motivated tech professionals. Let's code together, let's innovate together!

Imaguru is a meeting point for startups, investors, corporates, and coders. Everyone can learn here and meet a partner.
Since we opened the doors of our first space in Minsk in 2013, 200+ startups started their operations and accelerated their growth at Imaguru, thousands of entrepreneurs used our services. Today we operate in two great startup ecosystems - Eastern and Southern Europe, working hard to help develop startup and venture ecosystem in Europe.

Created projects
About Imaguru
Startups born at Imaguru Hackathons
Blockchainthon 2017. How It Was?
40+ individuals have spent the weekend in Madrid and Minsk hacking on what we believe could become some of the most popular technology of the new time – blockchain. Out of 20+ ideas announced initially, 7 teams were setup to continue developing their product prototypes. Teams were truly international – representatives of Spain, Belarus, China, and Netherlands participated in the final event.

Equchain, the winner of the hackathon, created a blockchain-based system aimed at disrupting the emissions trading market. The market auditors/regulators' role is performed automatically by the smart contract in the ethereum blockchain, hindering tax-evasion, double spending and fraud problems. The team, consisted of IE students, was awarded with 3 ETH. 8 ETH will be awarded to the team upon the next milestone realization.
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